PROLACK sp. z o.o.

PROLACK sp. z o.o. is the leading manufacturer in the production of cabinet & kitchen doors for exacting customers, since 2016. Currently, the paint shop employs a qualified team of professionals experienced in the field of furniture varnishing.

The use of professional equipment allows us to obtain the perfect quality of varnished surfaces. Our lacquers are painted in professional spray booths using equipment from renowned manufacturers.

We attach particular importance to the quality of our products and timeliness - we understand the needs of customers, so we do not go for any quality compromises.

Manufacturing of Spray painted Cabinet & Kitchen doors

We produce spray painted Cabinet & Kitchen doors made of MDF, veneered, English style fronts and 3D fronts on special order. We have our own CNC machines for the production of deep milled cabinet & kitchen doors.

Cabinet doors are manufactured by double-painted base coat (earlier the insulator is located on the edges) and after further mechanical treatment aimed at obtaining excellent surface quality, we re-coat them twice with surface varnish for matt and semi-matt surfaces. The gloss is painted three times with topcoat and then polished to obtain an excellent smooth shiny surface.

It is also possible to obtain special effects and select a structure such as silky gloss, deep matt and pearl, glitter, chameleon, soft-rubber, marble and other.

For the varnishing, we use the highest quality varnishes from MILESI, ICA, NOVOL in a full range of RAL, NCS and PANTONE colors (thanks to which we can obtain the so-called corporate colors).



We specialize in varnishing furniture and furniture elements, varnishes in various gloss in a full range of RAL and NCS and PANTONE colors as well as metalic, pearl, etc. We also perform initial processing and preparation of furniture and elements supplied for varnishing (spraying, surface grinding, preparation for painting).

We also have our own carpentry shop where we can produce each piece of furniture varnished according to the delivered project - we specialize in event, office and atypical furniture.

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